CHF270/HTR24 - Fliptop Housing 270mm 24VAC Heater IP66 & Wall Bracket


Gain easy access to your outdoor security cameras with innovative fliptop-style housing. The CHF270 model accommodates a camera and lens of 270 mm. Die-cast aluminum gives the CHF270 housing strength and durability while keeping each unitlightweight. Without the blower, both housings have weatherproof ratings of IP66. A plate located at the back of the housing allows you to route one or two cables through individual outlets. Avoid damage to cables while keeping the inside of the housing dry. The heavy-duty aluminum sunshield protects the camera from too much light. For environments where weather conditions demand heating or cooling, the CHF270 has optional a heater, blower unit available. Optional mounting brackets are available for theCHF270 housing. Position a camera on a wall or ceiling, in a corner, or on a pole.

Especificações técnicas

  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Weatherproof with an IP66 rating
  • Flips open for easy access to the security camera
  • Optional heater/blower kit available
  • Interchangeable cable access
  • Multiple mounting options available
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