Halogen free cables September 2014


UTC are pleased to announce the availability of new halogen free cables for intrusion, video and access control installations

Low smoke halogen free cabling (LSHF) is becoming increasingly important to protect against the risk of toxic gas emissions during a fire. The main difference between normal cables and an halogen free cable is that when the latter is exposed to fire it does not release hydrogen chloride that forms hydrochloric acid when it comes into contact with water. The creation of toxic smoke and dangerous gases and acids is a major reason why people switch to the use of halogen free cables.

Some countries, such as Belgium, already require the use of LSHF cables for all security installations, according to the regulation for electronic equipment (AREI-RGIE) (25 April, 2013).

Therefore we are introducing 7 new SKU’s for cabling installations in intrusion, video and access control.

WC106W-HF Shielded Composite 2 + 4 Cable - Halogen Free -100 m rolls
WC108W-HF Shielded Composite 2 + 6 Cable - Halogen Free - 100 m rolls
WCAT54-HF 4 pairs, FTP LAN Cable Category 5 Enhanced - Halogen Free - boxes of 305 m
WN104W-HF 4 Core Cable - Halogen Free - 100 m rolls
WN108W-HF 8 Core Cable - Halogen Free - 100 m rolls
WRG59-HF RG59 Coax Cable - Halogen Free - Box of 100 m
WS108W-HF 8 Core Shielded Cable - Halogen free- 100M rolls

Data sheets are available, via the links on the RHS of this page.


All of the above products are available from September 10th.

Best regards,
The Milton Keynes Team