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Dear Valued Customer,

Important notice on Guardall Keyfobs W73820

For over 10 years, UTC has delivered keyfobs used with Guardall keypads and readers. Recently an event has occurred that may affect the use of these keyfobs on certain keypads and readers.

The Guardall keyfobs W73820 use a technology that has been discontinued since 2010. UTC Fire & Security secured a large number of devices with the intention to ensure product delivery until 2015.

Due to a natural disaster the majority of the devices were lost, causing a disruption in deliveries. We have been able to develop an alternative. The alternative looks different but is working on all current products. However, due to the method used, older devices will not work with these newer keyfobs.

In general, keypads with readers using an additional reader interface as well as readers PC1100 will not work. This relates to products delivered prior to 2007.

Please verify for products delivered in 2006 and 2007 if these have at least the following version:

  • Keypads with reader having firmware V3.0 or later operate properly (Batchcode 0107 and later)
  • Readers PC1240 W73821 with firmware V1.05 or later operate properly (Batchcode 0107 and later)

Older products may no longer be supported due to this change. The only option when not working is to exchange these products for recent products.

Verification of the correct version

If in doubt whether the version number is correct, use menu 60 in the installer menu to check the keypad version. The keypad version is also shown inside the keypad in most cases.

For the reader, first check if it contains a label outside showing PC1240. The version number is located on a label inside the reader. It requires opening the reader (remove 4 screws).

Finally, a new token can be used to verify compatibility.


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