FP1216C-xx - 1200/2000 Series Addressable Fire Panel with 2 to 4 loops, 16 zone LEDs


The FP1216C is a versatile addressable fire panel supplied with 2 class-A loops. In addition to a generous backlit LCD display, it provides LEDs for indicating both fire and fault conditions with text descriptions for 16 fire zones on the front panel user interface. The panel may be upgraded with an additional 2 class-A loops, full inter-panel networking facilities on both copper or fibre, as well as with a LON network bus that supports the Aritech LON700 devices and repeaters, amongst others.
The FP1216C provides extensive maintenance features, boasts powerful I/O programming and supports both Aritech 2000 and 900 series protocols.

Technical specs

Power supply
 Mains supply
  230 VAC (+10%, -15%), 47-63 Hz
 Power requirement
  200 VA
 Operating voltage
  21 to 28 VDC
 Operating current
  200 mA @ 24 VDC
 Alarm current
  < 240 mA @ 24 VDC
 Auxiliary supply (24 VDC)
  9 to 28 VDC @ 1 A (max)
 Auxiliary supply (5 VDC)
  5 VDC (±0.1V) 75 mA (max)
 Battery charger
  27.3 VDC at 20°C, 36 mV/°C
  2 x 12 V (7Ah to 45 Ah)
Loop specifications
 Loops per panel
  4 (Class A)/8 (Class B)
 Loop current
  < 500 mA
 Addresses per loop
  <128 *
 Loop cable length
  < 2 km
 Loop cable specification
  Ø 1 mm, 300 nF/km, 100 ohm
Inputs and outputs
  4 (2A @ 24 VDC - 60W)
 Supervised Relays
  4 (24 VDC, 30 ohm, 120 nF, 500 m)
 Inputs (Opto Isolated)
  4 (15 VAC/0 to 28 VDC)
 Inputs (Supervision selectable)
 Zone indicators per panel
  16 (fire & fault)
 IP rating
 Operating temperature
  -5°C to +40°C
 Storage temperature
  -20°C to +60°C
  RAL9016 Traffic White
 Dimensions (h x w x d)
  445 x 445 x 120 mm
 Weight (no batteries)
  9 kg
* Protocol dependent
  • Configuration, maintenance and graphic PC software support
  • Up to 128 device addresses per loop
  • Full interpanel network options
  • Full range of repeaters and LON700 devices including Dutch and Scandinavian fire brigade panels, and Scandinavian alarm delay units
  • Networkable ''black box'' panels
  • Power supply for 72-hour autonomy
  • Default start-up and service modes
  • Programmable service reminders, on-line diagnostics and statistics
  • Maintenance warnings and soak testing facilties
  • One-man maintenance
  • Floating background and drift compenstation
  • Programmable day/night functionality
  • Coincidence within and between zones
  • Timed and manual zone control
  • I/O programming with Boolean functions
  • Scandinavian variants with Scandinavian firemans key available
  • EN54 and CPD certified

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