TruVision Navigator 7.0 - TruVision video management software



TruVision Navigator 7.0 provides users of TruVision network video recorders (NVRs), digital analog video recorders (DVRs) or TruVision IP cameras with an intuitive and feature rich video management package.This license free tool provides a unified user interface for configuration and management of a TruVision video system. Whether analog or IP, newly launched or legacy, TruVision Navigator leads the way.

Technical specs

Supported recording platforms/devices
  All IP cameras series and encoders: TVA, TVB, TVC, TVD, TVE, TVF, TVP, TVW, UVP Series
  TruVision NVR 10 (TVN 10)
  TruVision NVR 20 (TVN 20)
  TruVision NVR 21 (TVN 21)
  TruVision NVR 21S (TVN 21S)
  TruVision NVR 21 Plus (TVN 21P)
  TruVision NVR 50 (TVN 50)
  TruVision NVR 22 (TVN 22)
  TruVision NVR 22S (TVN 22S)
  TruVision NVR 22 Plus (TVN 22P)
  TruVision NVR 70 (TVN 70)
  TruVision DVR 10 (TVR 10)
  TruVision DVR 11 (TVR 11)
  TruVision DVR 12 (TVR 12)
  TruVision DVR 41 (TVR 41)
  TruVision DVR 42 (TVR 42)
  TruVision DVR 60 (TVR 60)
  TruVision DVR 12HD (TVR 12HD)
  TruVision DVR 15HD (TVR 15HD)
  TruVision DVR 44HD (TVR 44HD)
Recording platforms that are not actively supported
  TruVision DVR 20 (TVR 20)
  TruVision DVR 40 (TVR 40)
  GoVision (2)
Hardware requirements
  See the latest TruVision Navigator user manual
  • License free software with scalable architecture, from standalone to multi-site host/client applications
  • Live view and playback of TruVision devices (see list for supported models)
  • Dedicated event monitor for live display of camera events and alarms
  • Graphical maps that display camera and door locations and allow interactive camera control
  • Logical camera view to group cameras with the same function or similar content
  • Saving & calling up public or private custom views
  • Time bar disk analysis per camera for efficient video retrieval
  • Built-in dewarping for 360° cameras
  • Support of a USB joystick (TVK-400-USB) for easier navigation and PTZ control
  • Integration with access control via TruPortal
  • In-tile webbrowser support
  • Embedded device discovery and management tool with auto discovery of IP cameras, recorders, encoders and IFS switches
  • Logical event filtering
  • Remote device configuration and client software distribution
  • Extensive health diagnostics reports & network statistics per device
  • Extensive user management for efficient and secure administration
  • Tampering monitor to highlight scenery changes
  • Audit history reports
  • Server offline mode keeps the client operational when the connection with the server is lost

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